Malnutrition in Children and adults

Malnutrition is a physical body weakness and poor health brought about by having less quantities of most valued food needed for body proper growth and functioning.

Signs and symptoms of Malnutrition

Signs are listed first then we shall have more explanation about each point.
Stunted growth especially in infants in the range of 1month to 6 years.

Poor body formation like you might find rickets,and other body complications.

Prone to very many other diseases because the body Lacks what can protect it against any infection.

General body weakness especially in the morning hours.

Anaemia in most cases People are malnutrited don't have enough blood in the body.Port belled stomachs or sometimes heads too big not proportional to the body.

Poor borne formation because requirements for proper borne formation might be lacking in the diet.


Poor and low hair growth.

Sunken eyes

Malnutrition is caused by a number of factors of which others are inborn and others are environmental as seen below:

  • Poverty
  • Ignorance
  • Genetical factors
  • Season of the year
  • Poor hygiene
  • Big families
  • Divorce of parents in case of a young child.

Prevention and management of malnutrition diseases in infants and adults.
  • Proper breast feeding for the infants. This is because an infant who can't feed on other nutritional foods can find all the body's needs from breast milk because breast milk contains most of the body required foods for proper growth in infants.
  • Seeking knowledge about proper feeding habbits especially the elderly.
  • Try to get a balanced diet at any possible cost for the good of body growth at family levels.
  • Try at least on every meal eat some green leafy vegetables and possible fruits
  • Try to eat different types of food say if you eat roughage, try to get some protein, or vitamins....
  • Always seek medical attention from well known People for proper advise.
  • Try as much as possible to maintain proper environmental hygiene
  • Always avoid eating very Cold foods and Left over foods and always eat your food when it's warm.
  • Always attend all recommended immunization programs. 


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